Art Pakha


Art Pakha is a creation by Rajrupa Biswas, She is a Fashion Communication student at NIFT. She is a hoarder, a literature and media enthusiast. Having an artsy background, paintings, and books have always been an integral part of her life.

“My native Kolkata and my abode Hyderabad being culturally very different have contributed greatly to my artistic sensibilities. Over the years, Painting turned out to be a form of liberation. It gives me humility and helps me escape from everyday pretense. I obsess over learning, investigating, and synthesizing the world around. Therefore, in the process of experimenting with different aesthetics and art forms. It helps me to be open to everything that the universe has to offer.
I hope to build unforgettable experiences and thought-provoking media. Things that combine my imagination with unconditional compassion towards both the art and the audience.”

Currently, she is pursuing her dream of studying and being part of the fashion industry.

“Contribute to the often misunderstood but integral part of our economy and do my bits for mother earth. “

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