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My art is an extension of my dreams,
where colour and texture play a very prominent role. This play of colour and textures is what brings forth the essence of emotions and interactions around me, to the canvas. ”
– Mallika Chabba

Artzemora is an visual arts studio founded by Mallika Chabba.

After completing her education,
Mallika lived, worked and traveled across India, providing herself with insights and experiences which played a key role in her creative journey as an artist.
Understanding, learning and loving art in all it’s essence as a child, the nurturing environment made the creative flow just a ‘second nature’ to her.
The paint, making its natural movements and paths across the canvas has intuitive instincts on strokes and shades, as she plays with different colours, recreating the instant changes similar to emotions felt on a daily basis.

Over the years, Mallika used a barrage of different mediums working with textures, creating magical and esoteric themes in her art pieces.
She worked with florescent paint and UV light for a number of years, recently using them to bring alive visions in theatrical plays and wall murals across the country.
Living in Chandigarh has helped her to be a part of various exhibitions and art residencies in ‘The city beautiful’. Currently, she works as an independent Artist, a Scenographer and also spends her time in creating large scale sculptures with waste materials.

Mallika finds solace in the ‘ multi-dimensional ‘ aspect of the human experience and how it’s awareness truly develops the zeal to bring forth the essence of the self, as a ‘True Creator’.
Grateful for the opportunity to showcase visions across spectrums, she wants to work towards creating unique experiences & uplifting people throughout her journey.

These are a collection of some of the digital works for dowload by Mallika.

Digital Art available in three different sizes.(small, medium, large)

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