Refund Policy

If you want to return an item and ask for a refund. Kindly make sure that you:

  • Don’t cut the product tag.
  • Keep the original packaging with you.
  • Maintain the product in it’s original condition.

Please check the products that you have ordered. Some of them DO NOT have a return policy. These products will have this mentioned in their product description. These orders, however can be cancelled within 24 hours of being ordered. We shall follow the time on the email receipt sent to you for your order confirmation.

Products which can be returned are offered a refund apart from the service charges charged by the payment gateway and courier service companies.

To be eligible for a refund on returnable products, kindly initiate the return within 3 days after the delivery of the product. This can be done through the tracking page link sent to you by our courier service partner. Please feel free to contact us regarding any issues at or any of our other social media accounts.

Kindly stay tuned for more updates.